My Experience with Aerial Silks – Delhi Rock

Before I even start writing there are a few things you should know about me.

  • I am shit scared of Heights
  • My motor coordination sucks

So, consider this before reading what I have to say !

Now, back to my experience with Aerial Silks. So, we were a group of three Delhi Rock was kind enough to let us (absolute armature beginners ) in their silks class. Before I entered the class I had no idea what Silks where, I thought it must be a looped cloth (I had seen hammock videos on YouTube) and I thought it would be above ground that’s why they call it aerial. But, hell broke loose when I got there they where free silks and the height…aahhemm. They asked me to sign a declaration Form at this point I was peeing my pants. ..(This is it Nidhi…that’s it).

Then came in our trainer Dasha (Angel), she was soft spoken kind (well mostly ), patient and strong (I mean damn those muscles). The class began with warm up ( aka 30-35 mins of kickass Bootcamp) I thought to myself if this is warm up…I give up. But as soon as we were asked to climb I got to know why it was so important to warm up like that.

Again, Dasha was super patient with us. Climbing was challenging but after loads of Tamasha and falling we did it. Dasha, then made us take some baby steps so we learn how to do some basic poses. By the end of 2 hours we were able to come 4-5 feet off the ground and do like 3 or may be 2 poses with perfection which is amaze balls considering it’s not just a Yoga Pose its holding yourself together not dying , knotting yourself on silks , not dying and keeping your core tight.

And why should anyone do aerial silks if it’s this hard ?

  • Suspension in the air releases tension on the bones and muscles, increasing flexibility and deepening your practice.
  • Suspended yoga strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility. … Increases strength
  • Aerial yoga improves strength and flexibility, which carries over into other daily activities.

End Note: This was Awesome the whole experience is like Art, till you don’t do it you would not know. And once you learn it you would want to go on and on. Towards the end of the class, my hands, forearms were dead. But, if given a chance I would have continued for a few more hours and literally I felt I left a piece of my heart between those silks…that mind-blowing

If you want to have this experience check out Delhi Rock they are amazing and the whole place has a cool learning vibe you would not want to miss.

Other experiences from them soon on Blog till then…xoxo

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