I put on Fat around my Tummy immediately after a lavish meal, Can it happen the same day or is it my perception?


One of our celebrity weight loss clients who joined us yesterday (sorry I can’t disclose her name) asked me this question as she is invited to dinner parties every now and then. She feels that “every time I have a meal hosted by someone, I notice slight increase in fat around my waist line. No not bloating but actual increase in skin thickness as if I have gained fat! Can that be possible?”

As I was explaining to her I thought of sharing the answer with you as well. Now we know, for a long time it’s been suggested that weight gain is a much more gradual process, with food molecules moving into blood stream providing us energy and excess of them being stored in our fat cells.

WHAT she and most of you don’t know is that fat droplets attach themselves to adipose tissues around your waist within hours! Many universities have proven that about 3 hours after a big meal, most of the fat you ingest will have settled around your waist within 24 hours.

Take Home Message:    Continuous overeating will lead to weight gain. But obvious prevention is to eat in moderation, keep active and Join NidSun to get rid of stored fat by customised weight loss ultrasound or cryolipolysis session, as this will give a long term boost to fat burning mechanisms.

Stay Blessed Stay Happy  🙂

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Dr. Sunny Bawa is a sports doctor with a master’s in sports medicine. He specializes in nutrition and micro-trauma injuries. He has 10 years of experience and has handled weight loss needs since 2006. Bawa has been associated with athletes and games for a long time: He was part of the Commonwealth Health Team for Delhi in 2010 and has been the official team doctor for the ICC World Cup, Indian Athletics, and boxing teams. A natural bodybuilder himself, Bawa has won the titles of Mr. Mumbai and Chandigarh. He still trains and coaches celebrities and pro-athletes with special needs. One of the founders of NidSun clinics, Bawa and his team have a vision to bring world-class health facilities to the common man at the best price. Their aim is achieving long-term health and fitness goals and want to help others have a quality life free of diseases—the birthright of every person.

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