I tend to suffer from depression before my periods are due and this is the reason of my ‘comfort eating’. What can I do about it?

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One of our weight loss patients, who have come from California just to get her cryolipolysis sessions done from NidSun, asked us this question yesterday. It was a rational question so I thought of sharing it with you as well.

A healthy diet not only during the period but throughout is the best way to alleviate PMS symptoms, including depression.

Such a diet will include plenty of complex carbohydrates, vitamin B complex rich foods such as whole grains, lean meat, fish, nuts, seeds, lentils and vegetables. Vitamin B6 is particularly linked with easing of PMS symptoms and is found in good amount in fish, poultry, nuts and fortified breakfast cereals. There is also some evidence that a diet rich in essential fatty acids (plant oils, oily fishes), calcium (low fat dairy products, dark leafy green  vegetables, white fishes) and magnesium (found in nuts, fruits and green vegetables) can help minimise PMS symptoms, including depression.

Diet will help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the physical need for comfort foods.

If the above remedies don’t help then it’s a good idea to go to a doctor. Your doctor might suggest either natural ways or to go for contraceptive pills to minimise PMS and depression by resetting hormonal balance.

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