Waist To Hip Ratio (WHR) of 0.8, What does that mean?


Ideal waist to hip ratio for women is 0.8 & 0.9 for men and it can be measured at home by a simple test.


Measure halfway between the level of your hip bone and bottom rib (mostly your belly button is at this Level but) you should take the halfway distance for accuracy. Divide your waist measurement by your hip measurements.  Let’s take an example of our weight loss patient Sonia. After losing 4’’ from her waist and 1’’ from her hips she is now measuring 80cms at waist area and 93 cms around her hip area so her WHR comes out to be 80/93=0.86 as compared to her earlier WHR of 0.94 which shows that she has improved but needs some more sessions to lose from waist area to reach healthy zone of WHR of 0.80 and below.


How does it affect your health?

Many researchers have shown that having extra weight around your tummy raises your risk of wide range of health problems as compared to weight all over. You have higher risk of getting old fast and much more likely to have diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and high cholesterol if your waist measurement is high. In women WHR higher than 0.85 means that you are carrying too much weight around the middle.


How do I improve it?

Regular exercise such as walking, running and aerobics, cycling or dancing along with good diet is the key to reach your desired WHR. And if you are already following a healthy diet and doing your exercise bit and still not getting results then you should come to NIDSUN for few sessions of cryolipolysis around your tummy  and reach that healthy yet extremely attractive waist hip ratio loved by opposite sex and envied by same sex!!!


Eat Good  Look Great…:)

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