Perfect Post Workout Meal 

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I have been asked to share post workout meal options 😎😎I am also told that I am not a boring nutritionist 👻👻 coz I give desi Khana which is tasty and yet makes you lose fast. .This is my post workout meal at 9:30 PM 😳😳 Ghiya Sabzi 👉🏻aka #bottlegourd it has amazing health benefits […]


Trishala Ashok – Women Breaking Stereotypes

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When you usually think of some woman in her early 20’s you would think she would have completed studies and would have just started working… Right ! Well in our hunt for Empowering women we found this one woman…who is an Award Winning Jewelry Designer, Writer,  Entrepreneur, Fitness Freak and Animal Activist. Meet Trishala Ashok. […]